Merry Christmas!

All of these questions that are answered here will NOT be answered if you ask them in our ask box. So please read here before asking us any questions. Thank you.

Where did you get your background?


Where did you get your theme?


Where did you get your Christmas Countdown?


Where do you get your pictures from?

Always check the source of the pictures. Most pictures come from flickr.com or they are re-blogged.

Can you put ______ on your song playlist?

Song suggestions are extremely encouraged! If you have any Christmas/holiday songs that you really enjoy and would like on our playlist, please let us know and we will try our best to add it for you!

Can you follow me?

If you are a Christmas or winter related blog, you can ask us to check out your blog and we’d be more than welcome! However, asking this does not guarantee a follow. We follow a lot of Christmas blogs and sometimes our dashboard gets very repetitive. We like to have a variety of different types of holiday blogs.

Can you promote my Christmas blog?

We do not promote blogs upon request. However, if you’d like to become a WeHeartChristmas affiliate and have our followers check out your blog, click here!


We get a lot, and we don’t want to clog our blog with them, but we read them all and we appreciate them so much. Thank you!

* If you’d like to contact us aside from tumblr, our e-mail is weheartchristmasblog@gmail.com